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"Catherine is truly a gifted medium. I was missing my mom so much and she was able to connect with her so accurately in my reading. I felt as if I was talking directly to my mom. This is my third reading with Catherine over the pass 3 years. She brings through all the answers without me asking. I have loss both my parents by my early 50’s and she has helped me deal with my grief by connecting to my loved ones. Reminding me they may be gone but they are still with me. I highly recommend Catherine."

- Susan Schoonover

"Catherine is a very gifted medium. She always connects so well with my dad and she gives you the honest truth. Sometimes I find that mediums hold their tongue or sugar coat. While she is respectful always, she says what she is getting and I love it. She has got a few family members names exactly correct and she has even got things that I have said in my mind to my dad. I have followed the advice given to me from my dad through her and it has really helped me out. Highly recommended!"

- Jessica Armenta

"My reading with Catherine, touched me like no other. Catherine was immediately relaying precise detail of loved ones that was undeniable. She was so gentle and kind, while providing insight and clear messages. I am blessed to have connected with Catherine and will definitely contacting her for future readings on a regular basis!!"

- Michele Malolie

"Many people have asked me about mediums since my dad passed and most of you know that I regularly reference Karen Noe as she is someone that has been a true angel for me and my family since my dad passed. I also recently met Catherine Churchill after I sought her out- which is not something I usually do- and she was so helpful and so gifted and is available for very affordable readings so if this is something you are interested in I wanted to post her information here!"

- Serena Dyer Pisoni

"Our experience with Catherine was magical. My father passed away recently and being able to connect with him and know he is doing well in his non physical form gives my mom and I so much peace. Catherine gave us such clear and accurate detail in her messages. She relayed information that only my father and our family would know. It is reassuring to have the confirmation that my dad continues his life in non physical form and we are forever grateful to Catherine for facilitating the connection"

- Robin Sabine

"I have been a returning customer for years. Catherine is always spot on when I need some guidance. What I like about Catherine is. ..she doesn't ask any questions or need any additional information, she simply tunes into your question and picks up very accurate and detailed information. I find Catherine very honest, straight to the point and full of insight. Catherine puts a lot of energy into her readings and is very caring with the client, I would never want a reading from anyone else but her"

- Jessica Nicholls

"Catherine is a lovely lady who has a beautiful gift. She connected me to my long passed Dad, as well as my recently lost Mum, Sister, and my niece. Catherine's ability to give proof positive is amazing, as she was able to consistently tell me names and descriptions, as well as facts that she could never have possibly known. I have seen many mediums, but have now stopped searching. Catherine is the person my family and I have been searching for. ! A very gentle lady with a wealth of knowledge"

- Joy Rolton

"My reading with Catherine was the best reading I have even had. (and I have had a few) She is absolutely one of the most gifted mediums out there. Everything she said was right on. I felt like she was sitting with my family on the other side remote viewing my thoughts and my journal. She was very accurate with describing family members who have crossed over, both within my lifetime and very far back. The messages she conveyed gave me hope and made perfect sense. Truly amazing."

- Christie Arnold

"Catherine’s gift for connecting to loved ones who have crossed over was truly a gift for me, especially when a very vocal loved one is my horse.  I appreciated her authenticity in the unique experience to communicate for him and her willingness to adapt to his communication style that is uniquely him.  Her messages gave me a sense of peace and released a heartache I didn’t know I was holding onto.  Catherine’s courageous, loving honesty in identifying and sharing where I block myself from my greatest success was both spot on and the key to unlock the door within myself.  I am so grateful to have followed my inner guidance to book a session with her.  Thank you, Catherine for sharing your gifts with the world.  You are a gift yourself."

- Lisa

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