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Catherine offers a range of classes throughout the year via Zoom to help you develop your own psychic or medium ability in a unique, safe and judgment free zone where all people are welcomed.

Zoom classes have limited spaces

and booking and payment is required before each class.

There is strictly no recording of any classes in order to maintain the privacy of those in the class but you are encouraged to take notes.

All classes are on NY time. There are currently no long term classes available on

Australian time but check the events page for one off classes.

Please contact Catherine for further details/payment details.


Open to anyone wanting to develop as a medium

Every second Thursday 7:00pm NY time

Via Zoom


Every second Friday 10:00am NY time

Via Zoom

"Thank you Catherine for holding such a supportive space that allowed my growth and exploration in the world of mediumship! I look forward to more of your teachings."

- Lisa Delgado

"After seeing Catherine connect to passed loved ones I wanted to try this myself. I have been an empath and open to the spirit world all my life and Catherine helped me take the next step to connect and give messages to people. I am beyond grateful to Catherine for her patience with me and guidance throughout the year. I will definitely be returning to the spirit circle in the new year".

- Sara Moreno


Open to anyone wanting to develop their intuition or psychic ability

Every second Tuesday 7:00pm NY time

Via Zoom


Every second Wednesday 1:00pm NY time

Via Zoom

"The class was such a gift for me. Catherine was able to help me develop my psychic ability efficiently and effortlessly and most importantly learn to trust in myself.  Catherine helps her students get consistent results. I would recommend Catherine to anyone wanting to develop their psychic ability."- Lori

"This is the second class of Catherine's I have taken. Catherine has helped me overcome hurdles in my psychic development that no one else could. I recommend this class for those looking at psychic development or a spiritual community of great people!."

- Nicole Flores


Learn to develop your psychic ability in this short online course
'Tune-In Within'
By Catherine Churchill
$20.00 AUD (Approx $13.00 USD)
Purchase below via PayPal. Those who take the Tune-In Within class receive this course for free.
The course will be emailed to you
after purchase
Purchases are final. No refunds.

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