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Refund Policy

The following conditions apply to any purchases made through this website which include both online and in person events, online or in person Medium or Life Reading sessions and online classes. Your full acceptance of these conditions is implied when making any purchase through this website.

General Conditions. Cancelling your reservation for an in person event close to commencement date affects all participants, including those on a reserve list who do not have the chance to attend. There are many associated costs in hosting an in person event not limited to: venue hire, catering, financial charges and transportation.

The following terms apply.

1.1 Fees / Payment.

All refunds, or changes to any events, will be subject to an administrative fee of 20% of the event fee plus bank charges. Specific charges will vary depending on the bank transaction, credit card used or PayPal fees.

1.2 Cancellations No refund can be given to cancellations made within two weeks of a scheduled event commencement date. A full refund minus bank or transaction fees and an administrative charge of 20% of the event fee will be given to cancellations outside of two weeks of the scheduled event commencement date. In extenuating circumstances, a full refund can be considered by sending an email to

1.3 In very exceptional circumstances, an event may be required to be cancelled and a full refund will be provided.

1.4 Refund applications must be made in writing and submitted to

1.5 Applicable events.
This cancellation and refund policy applies to any online or in person events paid in advance and that are managed by Catherine Churchill.

1.6 All sessions with Catherine Churchill are confirmed only after payment is made. No refunds are possible. Appointments for sessions can be re-scheduled by sending an email to

1.7 Disclaimer: All refunds and cancellation fees will be administered at the sole discretion of Catherine Churchill management.

1.8 Any purchases of Medium or Life Reading sessions through this website are final and no refunds are possible.

1.9 Any purchases of tickets for online Zoom events through this website are final and no refunds are possible.

1.10 Any purchases of online classes through this website are final and no refunds are possible.

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