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Catherine Churchill medium

No matter where you are on your mediumship or spiritual journey, Catherine invites you to join her mentorship program.

Unveiling Mediumship 

A 4-Month Journey into Spirit Connections. 

This one on one, transformative mentorship program with Catherine via Zoom, will guide you in establishing profound connections with the afterlife. Catherine is a highly renowned evidential medium, who shares her unique and powerful techniques for connecting to passed loved ones in her popular Spirit Circle, as well as other classes. This mentorship program gives you a total of, 16 individual classes and 24 hours of one on one time with Catherine over 4 months, giving you the opportunity to explore the depths of evidential spirit communication, and unlock the transformative power of connecting with the afterlife.




- When and where is the program held?.


Once a week, for 1.5 hours via Zoom.

- Is the mentorship program open to everyone, regardless of their level of mediumship?.


Yes, all levels of experience are welcome.


- Can I join the mentorship program if I'm not a medium, and only want to learn how to connect with my own passed loved ones?.


Yes. You can use the mentorship program to help facilitate a connection between you and your passed loved ones.

- What sort of vibe can I expect from the mentorship program?.


Relaxed and no pressure so as to enhance your learning, and create a proper space to work with mediumship.


- When can I begin the program?.


You will be given a starting date that suits both you and Catherine.

- What happens if I miss a class?.

Nothing!. Catherine knows life gets busy, or you may want to take a week off for your own reasons. You will still have a total of 16 classes, and can go over the 4 month time frame if you need.


- Will there be homework or extra requirements outside of the class time?.


Catherine understands most people do not have the time, or simply don’t want to do any extra work outside of the weekly class time. If you would like to receive homework or extracurricular activities, Catherine will arrange this for you.


- Can I record my weekly class?.




- Are all worksheets or materials provided free of charge?.


Yes, and they are available online for you to access forever.


- What if I am in a different time zone to Catherine?.


Catherine will accommodate any time zone differences as best as possible. Please contact Catherine over any concerns you have about time zone differences before you purchase the program.


- What is the refund policy for the program?.


There are strictly no refunds.


- Is there a payment plan option available if needed?.


Yes, please contact Catherine if you require a payment plan.


Are you ready to embark on a soul stirring journey of learning powerful evidential mediumship techniques, establishing transformative connections with the afterlife, and spiritual growth with Catherine?, if so, click the Buy Now button below, or contact Catherine.

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