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  • Catherine Churchill

Intuition vs Fear

Many people ask me how they can tell the difference between their intuition and fear.

Intuition is known by most people as a ‘gut feeling’ as the stomach is where intuition is felt in the body. Intuition quietly and softly appears giving you that gut feeling. There are no thoughts that accompany intuition.

With intuition you will have an automatic yes or no feeling perhaps about a situation or person. Intuition will never tell you what to do but simply lets you know something needs your attention.

Your intuition will always speak to you with a quiet voice, a knowing within. Intuition never screams for your attention and is in fact often easily missed because of this.

Fear is felt in your chest. Usually anxiety is involved. Fear is always chaotic and loud. Fear takes you on a journey through the mind and is based on your past experiences. Fear will take you into the ‘what if’s’ and will try to tell you what to do. Intuition will never tell you a story, it will only give you a gentle nudge in the right direction.

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