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Benefits of having a reading with a medium

Updated: Mar 7

Losing someone we love through death is never easy. Many people see death as final and see us as forever separated from our family and friends who have died. While we may be physically separated from them, the truth is the love and connection we shared with that person will always remain and the departed person’s consciousness or soul continues to live on in another world or reality.

Those who are able to tap into this consciousness in various ways are most commonly known as a medium. A real medium is able to relay evidential pieces of information about that love and connection we shared. Anyone can learn to tap into this consciousness to varying degrees and it is not at all reserved for a select few people with an ability.

As a medium I am able to make this connection to departed loved ones through mostly sensing or feeling information they relay to me from the spirit world. I am also able to hear them and sometimes I will see them. Every medium works differently.

I have been giving mediumship readings for over a decade as well as spending time interviewing experts on grief and regular people experiencing grief through my podcast. Many people who seek me out for a mediumship reading are experiencing deep grief over the death of a loved one.

During the reading I am able to receive evidential information from departed loved ones. My clients know without a doubt their passed loved one is relaying information to me. I feel my clients grief slowly lift and their heart opens a little more. A session with a medium can bring great benefits to people who are grieving such as answers to questions about their departed loved ones death, closure, peace, hope, healing, comfort and so much more.

It is important to remember that a mediumship reading is not only of benefit to us on the earth but also for our departed loved ones who are often looking for ways to communicate with us. Sometimes they just want to let us know they are with us and supporting us from the spirit world. Sometimes they want to share with us the memories they hold of us while they were on the earth. In some cases they are even looking for forgiveness, healing, peace or just love. Each situation is different. I do know when we heal, they too heal.

I always tell people a session or reading with a medium should only be one tool of many you will use on your journey through grief. Seeing a grief counselor can be important for many people. Grieving is an individual process and a unique path we will all walk one day. I have discovered over the years a medium reading is never a cure for grief but a reminder our passed loved ones are still with us.

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