About Catherine


Catherine is dedicated to helping others through her work as a medium. Delivering messages from passed loved ones with a compassionate and down to earth approach, a high level of accuracy, evidence and detail.
Catherine is a natural medium and psychic and her abilities have taken her around the world where she has studied both mediumship and psychic studies intensively. Catherine has been publicly reading for over a decade and has built up a strong client base worldwide. Using her ability to bridge the gap between this world and the next for them, to bring healing and pass on validating messages from their loved ones in spirit.
During a medium session with Catherine you will discover Catherine is able to bridge the gap between this world and the next by working with a combination of what is called 'Clairsentience' and 'Clairaudience'.
Catherine is able to feel or sense those who have passed to the spirit world. Relaying their personalities as well as clearly hearing their voices. Catherine is able to provide specific details from them such as messages, names, dates, events and places.
Catherine believes by providing such strong evidence from passed loved ones it is proof they want us to know they will always remain connected to us and their love never dies.
Catherine also provides psychic sessions on situations you may need insight into.
As a psychic Catherine is able to provide psychic sessions by using what is called 'Clairsentience' and 'Clairvoyance'. Catherine is able to accurately sense and see your future or current situations in your life you may need some insight into. These sessions cover most areas of your life such as relationships, career or specific questions you may have. 

Catherine holds Certifications in Criminal Profiling and often works on both missing persons and cold cases upon request. Using her knowledge of Criminal Profiling and combining it with her abilities to successfully help solve cases. There is no charge for this service.
Catherine believes we all have a destiny or blue print and certain life experiences or events are preordained but our futures are often changing. At the end of the day you are still the one with the pen in your hand and can always re-write your life story or future as you have free will.
Sessions with Catherine focus on healing for the client. Validation, clarity, compassion, love and respect for those living and passed.